Specifiche tecniche

• Combined voice, data, datalink, image and display recording (stand-alone options available)

• ED-112A compliant

• Designed to meet all current and possible future regulations

• Ultra compact and lightweight - 8.1 lb (3.7 kg)

• Webserver for fast and free data download

• Approval to (E)TSO-C123c, C124c, C176a, C177a

• 90 day Ultrasonic Locator Beacon to TSO-C121b



      • Fortress product line today meets all current and anticipated regulations (including ED-112A and 25 hour voice / datalink recording). They are designed to be compact and lightweight and have a modular interface design to allow rapid customization for particular aircraft needs. This modularization facilitates additional functionality which can help reduce LRU count by integrating functionality into the recorder to further lower weight and free up space and can add functionality such as image recording, encryption and additional data for programs such as usage monitoring.
      • • Fortress 757 is designed in accordance with RTCA/DO-178C and RTCA/DO-254. It meets all current and anticipated FAA and EUROCAE requirements and has a 90 day ultrasonic locator beacon (ULB), certified to TSO-C121b. The core memory is expandable to support up to EUROCAE class 6 recorder requirements for 25 hours recording capacity.
      • • Fortress Data Acquisition Flight Recorder (DAFR) provides a complete aircraft recording solution supporting the recording of mandatory parametric flight data as well as additional data from different interfaces. This makes it ideal for applications such as Flight Data Monitoring where it removes the need for a separate data acquisition unit and recorder. Fortress DAFR also has four channels of cockpit voice recording, CPDLC recording (via ARINC 429 or ARINC 664) and image recording each for two hours minimum. It supports parametric data acquisition from either an ARINC 717, ARINC 429 or ARINC 664 interface.
      • • The Fortress Health Usage Monitoring (HUMS) combines an ED-112A qualified crash recorder with in-built HUMS hardware. This innovative solution is possible as the Fortress range of recorders can support custom modules to add additional data acquisition and processing capabilities. Fortress HUMS provides all the benefits of having a flight data/cockpit voice recorder and a fully functioning HUMS without requiring two separate boxes. By combining the systems, weight can drop significantly versus currently available systems (up to 50 lb (22 kg) possible). At the same time, commonality reduces the space and power required.
      • • The Data Acquisition Flight Recorder (DAFR) is packaged as a compact unit ideal for the rotary wing or small/medium aircraft market. Importantly, this compact unit may be attached directly to the airframe without the need for bulky equipment racks or anti-vibration mounts, thus permitting optimum aircraft installation performance to be attained for lower operating costs.
      • • Imagine you could replace your obsolete flight data system with a no-development, low size, weight and power (SWaP), rugged FDAU, and that it could acquire data from a myriad of modern (and not so modern) analog and digital interfaces.
      • • The Curtiss-Wright Cockpit Panel Quick Access Recorder (CPQAR) is designed using open storage technologies and the latest electronic concepts to provide a highly reliable recorder that is simple to install and operate.

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